And the Oscar Goes To… Not a Clue

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Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 serves its purpose – entertaining the kids. It’s bright and colorful and quirky and cute. Adults may be a tad disappointed at the lack of any real narrative or drama, but all in all, the movie is more than fun enough to justify 98 minutes in an air-conditioned theater.

Rock of Ages

If you are a child of the 80s and a fan of musicals, you will most likely love Rock of Ages. (Take note Mainstream Chick.) If, like me, you are a child of the 80s and not a big fan of musicals, you will still really like this movie. It’s over-the-top campy fun with a soundtrack that will have you singing along. And honestly your singing will be almost as good as most of the actors’ singing. That’s my major quibble with the movie; I wish the voices had been stronger.


Arthur, oh where to start? It’s a remake of the 1981 Academy Award winner. Yep, nominated for 4 and won 2. It starred Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli and Sir John Gielgud. And it was a HUGE hit. 30 years later, we get Russell Brand, Helen Mirren and someone I never heard of named Greta Gerwig in the role made famous by Liza. Oh, and there is Jennifer Garner. The story is basically the same. Arthur is a lovable, hard-partying super wealthy Peter Pan who gets an ultimatum from Mom: marry Susan (Garner) who is a her hand-picked dream daughter-in-law or give up his fortune. Only Arthur doesn’t love Susan, and just when he has grudgingly accepted the inevitable proposition, he meets a poor girl who steals his heart.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me was delightful to me… and to the child and other adult I had in tow when I went to see it. We all experienced laugh out loud moments throughout the movie, including a few just for the adults, like a sly reference to Lehman Brothers. This movie is, in a word, hilarious.

Get Him to the Greek

If you’re in need of a laugh, get yourself to a theater to see Get Him to the Greek.  I went in not expecting too much – perhaps to be mildly amused – but I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times.  It’s basically a road trip movie involving a rock star whose career is fading and a low level record company employee sent to corral him and “get him to the Greek.”