Gleeks will rejoice in Pitch Perfect. It’s basically Glee goes to college – a cappella style. But even non-Gleeks can enjoy this one, thanks to a fun, diverse and talented cast, and even a bit of a plot (emphasis on the bit).

The movie stars the uber-talented young actress Anna Kendrick as Beca, a reluctant college freshman who would rather go out to LA to spin records for a living than endure the forced socialization rituals that come with higher education. When her father strongly encourages her to join something – anything – on campus, Beca chooses “The Bellas”, the  school’s all-female a capella group of misfits. The Bellas have one cardinal rule: No fraternizing with the enemy, the school’s all-male a capella group The Treblemakers. You can guess how well that works out.

Anyway, Pitch Perfect isn’t meant to be high art. And it’s not. But it isn’t stupid either. It’s fun and funny and occasionally gross in a Bridesmaids sort of way. In fact, the real star of this movie was actually in Bridesmaids as well. Her name is Rebel Wilson and she steals the show as the self-named “Fat Amy”. Seriously, she’s a hoot. And she can sing.

I could go on… but you’ll know if this movie is (or is not) for you just by watching the trailer.

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