Enough Said movie posterEnough Said is really Julia Louis Dreyfus’ movie. She shines as Eva, a funny, cynical, hard-working masseuse who could probably use a massage or two to de-stress. But as soon as James Gandolfini’s Albert comes on screen, you can’t help but feel a sharp pang of sadness at Gandolfini’s recent, sudden death – and at the loss of a talent that obviously went far beyond his portrayal of Tony Soprano. In this movie, he plays a guy who’s got some flaws, but is also sweet and loveable and funny – especially when he’s exchanging banter with potential love interest Eva. Both are divorced single parents to teenage daughters about to head off to college. They meet at a party and romance blossoms. But so does doubt – at least where Eva’s concerned, after she unwittingly befriends Albert’s ex-wife Marianne, a seemingly near-perfect poet (Catherine Keener) with plenty to say about her ex and the aforementioned flaws.

Enough Said is dialogue driven and feels longer than its 93 minute running time. But it’s still a sharp, insightful and engaging romantic-drama-comedy that guys and gals can relate to. Sure, it’s a bit chick flicky, but in a cynical Seinfeld sort of way. The supporting cast is solid, including the consistently reliable Toni Collette as Eva’s best friend and sounding board. If you like slice of life movies, like the recent Before Midnight, then you’ll probably find more than enough to like in Enough Said. Need I say more?

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