The Other Woman movie posterThe Other Woman is a bit weak, but it does fill a void in the chick flick comedy department. It’s got sort of a Bridesmaids meets Nine to Five meets First Wives Club kind of vibe as three women team up to plot against a dude who’s been lying to, and cheating on, all of them.

Cameron Diaz plays a beautiful, sharply-dressed single lawyer named Carly who is courted by a guy named Mark King (Game of Thrones’ Nicolaj Coster-Waldau) who turns out to be married to a somewhat ditzy home-maker type named Kate (Leslie Mann) and is also seeing the extremely busty and amiable Amber (swimsuit model Kate Upton). The three women basically become besties as they exact revenge on an unsuspecting Mark – slipping estrogen into his smoothies, putting hair remover in his shampoo bottle, dumping heavy doses of laxatives into his cocktails, etc.

The movie has some funny moments and the ladies manage to pull off a good bit of physical comedy. But toward the end, I started to feel a tad sorry for the SOB, not to mention overly-curious as to how he could be so oblivious when the three amigas start disappearing on him. And then there are the predictable, formulaic cliché characters – including Nicki Minaj as Carly’s sassy assistant/receptionist, Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire) as Kate’s cute and charming brother Phil, and Don Johnson (Miami Vice) as Carly’s hip, spiritual, serial-dating dad Frank.

Bottom line: The Other Woman is flawed but amusing enough for what it is — an easily forgettable, estrogen-fueled fantasy revenge comedy.

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