Oh my, such anticipation! Is it worth it? The answer is a resounding, yet somewhat surprising ‘yes’ given my lack of fandom obsession. I’m sorry, I can’t really tell you why it works. The less you know going into this movie, the better. No spoilers here, I promise! In fact, I will speak (or write) in broad generalities because if you already have your tickets, are planning to see it in the days or weeks ahead, or might be still be on the fence, here’s all you need to know as you contemplate transport back in time, to a galaxy far, far away:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is essentially a reboot of the 1977 classic. If you saw that one – or read a synopsis on Wikipedia – you’ll be fine. Diehard fans may find the exposition in SW:TFA to be a bit much, but I think it serves the average moviegoer (who may or may not have seen the sequels and prequels) rather well. In other words, you’ll catch on quick.

It’s often quite funny, even on the Dark Side, thanks largely to Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, who can say so much without uttering a word. It’s also got enough drama to put a lump in your throat every now and again. And lots of girl power!

The really important questions will be answered, like, did Princess Leia get a new hairdo?

The old faces are a delight to see for the nostalgia factor, while the new faces are a force to be reckoned with, including Daisy Ridley as a kick-ass salvage collector-turned-hero pilot from the desert planet Jakku, John Boyega as a Storm Trooper with a conscience, Oscar Isaac as a ‘Top Gun’ pilot for the Resistance, and Adam Driver as… well, you’ll see. I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of these folks in the ‘light years’ to come.

Kudos to director J.J. Abrams for pulling it off. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is poised to awaken a new generation of Star Wars fans, while keeping the ‘old’ fans satisfied, entertained, and feeling sentimental (much like Creed has done. The ‘70s are back, baby!)

Of course, if you didn’t like the original Star Wars movie, or don’t like the sci-fi action-adventure genre to begin with, or don’t want to buy into the hype, or just don’t get it… or simply don’t care. Relax! There’s plenty more to see this holiday season, and I guarantee the Star Wars box office – and franchise – will surely survive without you.

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