beatles_eight_days_a_weekFun! Fun! Fun! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This documentary from Ron Howard looks at the touring years of the greatest musical group the world has ever known. Okay, that’s just my considered opinion, but if you’re a Beatles fan, this is a must see flick. The film combines archival footage and interviews that take you inside the Beatles’ world during their early years on the road, which only lasted from 1963-66. But during that time they performed 250 concerts and went from obscurity to legend!

Most of what we see in the film we already knew (if we are of a certain age anyway.) They were cute and funny and the girls went wild over them. But there are a few surprises, like when they refused to play Jacksonville, Fla. unless the arena was integrated. It was during the civil rights era after all. But the real thrust of the movie is how though they gave great concerts, if you could hear them, it took a huge toll on them, the lack of privacy, and constantly being away from the studio where they were most at home. beatles3518 And even though it is just a few short years, you see how much they grew and how ready they were to go off in new and different creative directions that their screaming fans might or might not have loved.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years is a fabulous nostalgia flick and the music can’t be beat. I found myself smiling a lot. It’s in limited theatrical release but is already streaming on Hulu. They showed 30 digitally remastered minutes of the Shea Stadium concert after the movie in the theater. Not sure if it is on Hulu. But if you love the Fab Four or if you’re too young to remember and want to experience a musical phenom, See It!!! And turn the volume up!

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