A Dog’s Journey is for dog/animal lovers. It’s a continuation of the heartwarming saga that got us all misty-eyed in the 2017 doggie drama A Dog’s Purpose. In this sequel, Bailey (internal monologue voiced by Josh Gad) is getting up there in years, as is his “boy” Ethan (Dennis Quaid) and Ethan’s wife Hannah (now played by Marg Helgenberger). It’s getting to be that time for Bailey to move on – in body, not in spirit. Knowing that Bailey has a knack for reincarnation, Ethan asks the dog to find and protect his estranged granddaughter Clarity June (“CJ”). And thus begins Bailey’s newest set of lives and adventures. His name, breed and gender may change over the years. But the dog never loses sight of his primary purpose – to keep tabs on CJ (Kathryn Prescott). It’s a mission that evolves into helping CJ reconnect with her childhood best friend Trent (Henry Lau), mend fences with her selfish, alcoholic mother Gloria (Betty Gilpin) and potentially reunite with her grandparents.

While A Dog’s Purpose revolved around Bailey (aka Boss Dog) finding his way back to Ethan after a multitude of owners and experiences, joyous and tragic, A Dog’s Journey is as much about CJ finding her path as it is about Bailey finding CJ.

A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey are based on best-selling books by W. Bruce Cameron. The movies can be a tough watch, or a cathartic one, depending on your state of mind and how recently you may have lost a pet. Either way, prepare to be emotionally manipulated, and charmed. Again. That’s the true purpose of A Dog’s Journey. Go fetch…

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