Pacific Rim posterWHAT?? DID I LIKE THE MOVIE???


Maybe it’s because my ears are still ringing from watching Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D. Let’s just say it was loud – really, really loud – loud to the point of distraction. And that’s never a good thing, especially if you’re struggling to understand the drips and drabs of weak dialogue interjected between epic battle scenes. In a nutshell, Pacific Rim is Godzilla on steroids.

Here’s the gist: It’s some time in the future. Humans are at war against monstrous creatures from the sea known as Kaiju. Conventional weapons have proved useless, so the military establishment builds a force of massive robots called Jaegers. Each Jaeger is controlled by two pilots who must form a ‘mind meld’ or ‘neural bridge’ in order to operate the robot simultaneously. For a while, the Jaegers are able to rack up some victories, but as the Kaiju start to grow in number and intensity, an Apocalypse seems unavoidable (as if we haven’t had enough apocalyptic movies this summer).

In a last-ditch effort to save the world, two unlikely heroes are called into action: a washed-up former pilot named Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam), and an untested trainee named Mako (Rinko Kikuchi). Together, they must ‘drive’ an obsolete Jaeger into the heart of Kaiju territory – or die trying of course.

Visually, the movie is stunning. The 3D is impressive and immersive. It’s like a giant, virtual reality video game with elements from a slew of sci-fi and action-adventure movies like Transformers, Avengers, Battleship, Top Gun, and Independence Day. But the dialogue and character development are sorely lacking. And the movie is way too loud.

My best advice: If you do choose to see it (in IMAX), take ear plugs.

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  1. Thanks to Mainstream Chick’s advice, I did bring my earplugs and I did use them during the battle sequences. She was right this movie is LOUD and it is also an amazing visual treat especially in IMAX 3D. I went because my 10-year old nephew was dying to see it and I have to admit, I enjoyed it. Yes, the character development and dialogue were weak, but there was great action, a few funny lines, and some good looking hero types. I don’t expect much more from a summer action flick these days.

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