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Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 is little more than a ‘supersized’ episode of a mediocre sitcom. It’s got a few funny lines and sight gags – but nothing that would justify a recommendation to spend your hard-earned cash to see it in a theater. That said, I suspect that anyone who actually saw and liked the original Grown Ups movie in 2010 will like the sequel as well. You know who you are. Enjoy. As for the rest of you grown ups out there, take a look through some of our earlier reviews and find something else to see.

Save the Date? Glee Concert Movie

Summer “theatrical event” alert: Glee Live! In Concert! In 3D! Okay, way too many exclamation points for sure. But still, this could be a fun way for self-professed (and closet) gleeks to see those crazy kids in concert without having to battle crowds or cruise EBay for scalped tickets.


2010 Fall Movies

We’re moving out of the summer blockbuster kids’ movies and into the fall when traditionally a more serious adult roster hits the screens. This year? Well, there are a few that seem Oscar worthy, several with our favorite men headlining, a couple that look like real chick flicks and what just might be some nice comedies. See for yourself.

Summer Movies

Summer is upon us and where are the blockbusters? Here is a list of some of the flix that people will be watching and talking about. Not too much that is exciting, in my opinion, but I am hoping that some of them are surprising. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until September for a dose of Clooney.

Princess Kaiulani

What?? You’ve never even heard of the Hawaiian princess Victoria Kaʻiulani Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kawekiu i Lunalilo Cleghorn? Well, frankly, neither had I. But she does have an interesting life story that is told – and acted- fairly well in this arty indie flick, though it takes a half-hour or so to really get into it. It’s a rather strange hybrid of a movie – part biopic, part epic romance, and part docudrama with some scenes that are reminiscent of those cheesy historical reenactments found in documentaries we all watched in grade school (or at the museum). It also features some gorgeous cinematography showcasing the natural beauty of Hawaii.

Another Robin Hood? Yes. But this one has Russell Crowe.

I know it’s awards season and there are tons of great movies in theaters for the holidays, but let’s take just a moment to look ahead to summer. On my “blockbuster” watch list – Robin Hood.  Normally, I wouldn’t get excited about another Robin Hood movie. I mean come on, there have been, what, dozens of incarnations of the story on the big screen (and small). But this one has something the others did not. It has Russell Crowe and it’s directed by Ridley Scott. That’s the same duo that gave us Gladiator, and god I loved Gladiator, and Crowe in it. And from the trailer, it looks like their Robin Hood is going to be very Gladiatoresque. So I’m in. Here’s the trailer, watch and enjoy.

Another Vampire Enters the Fray

I found this posted today on the Syfy Wire and couldn’t be happier. I loved Dark Shadows. And Johnny Depp as Barnabas! He can suck my blood any time.

Fall Flicks

So, what is coming up this fall? More for the chicks, one can only hope. Usually, post-summer we get back to having adult fare and start the march to the Oscar race. The list below is wide releases. If you are in New York or Los Angeles, you will have a much wider choice. For the rest of us, there are a few gems and a bit of dreck. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?